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Fresh Look Bible


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My name is Joshua Smith. I am a missionary evangelist and founder of Fresh Look Bible. I am raising money to replace our ministry van that burned up at a gas station on April 13th. While the insurance covered some of the materials lost inside the van, it is not going to cover the van itself. We need a vehicle to transport the display materials and unique Bible resources to church meetings and conferences.

At 9:24 pm on Saturday night, I noticed smoke coming from under the hood of my van at a gas station in Valdosta, GA. I was traveling home towards KY from a Men’s Advance meeting in Tampa Bay, FL where I displayed Fresh Look Bible resources. After purchasing gas and snacks, I returned to my van. When I got in, I saw the smoke. I went around to the front of the van to take a closer look and saw a portion of the hood melting from within. I heard hissing, bubbling, and popping sounds as the smoke intensified. This was not just a little overheating that was going to cool down on its own. I realized I needed urgent help.

The fire department was called. The clerk tried to use a fire extinguisher but the fire and sparks coming from underneath the van was too much for it. Smoke had filled the gas station canopy. The clerk shouted that we should get as far away as possible. Soon, the front end of the van was fully engulfed in flames. A crowd gathered, watching on as we wondered if the fire truck would arrive before the whole gas station exploded.

Thankfully, the fire was put out before the nightmare scenario. Large billows of black smoke came pouring out of each door the firemen opened. Smoke had filled every space within the van. Fire had melted plastic all the way at the back of the van. Water from the firehose had splashed all through the van.

While we are grateful to be able to recover some of the items from the van, it was heartbreaking to see melted Bible Panoramas and ruined Fresh Look Bible books, along with damaged display materials.

This is definitely frustrating, but we are hopeful that God will use this situation for his glory and our good. There is no doubt the enemy would like to devour us and stop us from providing resources that help people read, study and teach the word of God. We have seen God work in spite of difficulties and trials in the past and we believe that he will use this fire to advance the cause of Christ.

We are thankful for donations of any amount and will put the funds towards replacing the ruined Bible resources and display, and acquiring what’s needed to transport them in the future.