Fresh Look Calendars

Customizable laminated wall calendars that help you visualize and plan on every level- Year, Quarter, Month, Week, Day.

Cohesive design flows with your workflow unlike traditional calendars that awkwardly break up weeks and months.

Keep it neat and professional- avoid time consuming and messy task of writing in your own days.

It’s hard to make big plans with a small calendar. The average calendar only has one month in view at a time. Bigger reusable calendars are messy, requiring the time-consuming task of filling in numbers. Other year calendars are poorly designed, wasting space between months and awkwardly breaking up weeks.

Normal calendars become less and less useful as the year goes on, limiting your future planning with the messy remnants of past events. Most calendars are made up of generic boxes, images and colors, that have nothing to do with your own unique tastes or needs. 

Fresh Look Calendars are designed to maximize your usable space, and the cohesion between days, weeks, months and years, Fresh Look Calendars keep your workspace looking neat and professional and limit boring manual repetitive tasks. Fresh Look Calendars can be your configurations of space and design. 


All Calendars can be Configured

You can choose what day your week starts on, what days to emphasize, and what colors to accent.

Look to the Future with Quarters!

Large, Medium and Small Year Calendars come in Quarters. Quarters can be purchased separately and be cycled in and out. This lets you stay current and maximize your planning space.