Printed Books

The Bible Text, Visually Optimized for reading and study in book form. Fresh Look Bible Paper Books are now available to order as individual books, sections, or whole sets with color coded text for study and black text for reading.

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Digital Panoramas

Each book of the Bible in Panorama form. Interactive PDFs work with any kind of device. Buy any single book or the whole Bible. A valuable study tool always at your fingertips.

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Printed Panoramas

time saving study tool for teachers and preachers. A uniquely helpful visual aide. A meaningful decoration. A conversation piece. A visual emphasis when preaching through a book.

There's just nothing like being up close and seeing one for yourself. Available as laminated and not laminated.

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Outreach Maps

A tool to help you reach your Jerusalem that helps us reach the uttermost. Large, customizable laminated wall maps for evangelism.

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Fresh Look Calendars

A cohesive design allows your planning workflow to transition seamlessly between years, quarters, months and days. Customizability allows you to configure the calendar for your needs. Avoid the mess and wasted space of traditional re-usable calendars.

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As a finger style acoustic guitar player, God has enabled me to record original arrangements of classic sacred hymns at the recording studio of Faith Music Mission. I am happy to play in churches and offer a CD in digital and physical format.

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