A log of the changes and fixes made to updates of PDFs.

Version 1.3.0

Fresh Look Bible PDF updated 02.28.2022

  • Completed the book of Jeremiah.
  • Adjusted position of certain Next Column buttons.
  • Corrected various typographical errors in the overview paragraphs and outlines.
  • Updated multiple occurrences of the word "hosts" to indicate the angels color code.
  • Updated multiple words to general people color code. [Case by case words that are sometimes adjectives or other parts of speech like mighty, crafty, barren, oppressed.]
  • Updated multiple occurrences of the word Israel to better differentiate between Israel the person and Israel the nation.
  • Fixed the button in the title of John that sometimes did not return to the Table of Contents.
  • Corrected verse numbers that were appearing too far to the left in lists and tables.
  • Fixed an outline bar in Joel 2.18 that was too long.
  • Fixed spacing between poetic couplets in Obadiah.
  • Fixed spacing between sections in Haggai chapter 2.
  • Removed a circle around a phrase in Ezekiel 25.7
  • Adjusted the link destination location to Philemon in the Table of Contents.


Version 1.2.0

Fresh Look Bible PDF updated 01.28.2022
  • Completed the book Isaiah
  • Completed the book Ezekiel
  • Changed Psalm 126.3 from dialogue quote of the heathen to poetic style of the Psalmist.
  • Added a Stanza space between Psalm 126.3 and 4
  • Changed Psalm 126.6 to be 4 lines instead of 2
  • Changed 1 Chronicles 21.12c from Divine Speech to normal dialogue
  • Fixed a typo in Deuteronomy 20.5 (Added a space between "man" and "dedicate")


Version 1.1.0

Fresh Look Bible PDF updated 11.27.2021

  • Clarified Color Code for simplicity and distinction.
  • Increase size of Verse Numbers for maximum legibility without effecting text flow.
  • Fixed an accidental symbol that appeared in Nehemiah.
  • Changed some names of People to blue that had been showing up as green in the book of Genesis.
  • Renamed Color Modes:
    • Black Text (Red Letter)
    • Essential Color Code
    • Full Color Code

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