Fresh Look Color Code

One aspect of this whole project began with me wanting to save time finding the answers to background questions about passages. (Who? What? Where? When? How many?)

I spent more time than I would ever want to admit, developing a color-coding system for all the words of the Bible that have to do with background details- details like people, places, numbers, time, names of God, etc. It was worth the effort because, not only do I have the rest of my life use it, but now others can save time as well.


Proper interpretation of the Bible requires historical, grammatical, and geographical context. Students of the Bible are always asking the following questions: “Who are the main characters?” “Where is the story taking place?” “When did this happen?” “Where is God in this passage?”

The Fresh Look Bible color codes background details like these so that you can quickly identify the basic context. This saves you time and allows you to focus more on bigger themes and meanings of the text.

The colors have been especially chosen to have the perfect blend of contrast without sacrificing cohesion and readability. The most essential and specific details pop with the brightest colors. The general details are displayed more subtly, but are still noticeable when you need them. All the words that give clues about location will be in a shade of green, but the word “Jerusalem” will be more immediately visible than the word “city” which in turn is more visible than the word “there.”

This color coding system makes it effortless to find the background information and still allows the reader to mark and emphasize other significant themes with marking techniques like underlining, drawing, and highlighting.

Digital Panoramas

Digital Panoramas come with three color modes included:

Black Text with no colors for simple reading with no distraction.

Essential Color with the most prominent for general use.

Full Color with every color for study mode.

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Printed Panoramas

Printed Panoramas are printed by default with the Essential Color Code - the most prominent colors for general use in finding background information. Contact us for special orders of other color modes.

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