Fresh Look Bible Panoramas

The revolutionary Panorama format came from my obsession to always be in context. I was marking key words and repeated phrases in Galatians in my Bible. I wanted to distinguish between subsections and overarching themes and became frustrated that I could only see a page or two at a time. I printed off all the pages of the book, taped them together and put that on my wall to get the full view. The concept for the Bible Panorama was born!

Over time the concept developed alongside the formatting and color coding of the Bible text. Acquiring ever larger printers and laminators, it developed into what it is today.

Here are some graphics we have prepared for the Digital Panoramas to help give an idea how Panoramas work. Of course nothing compares to holding one your hands or standing in front of one.

Outline Bars


Available in Digital and Print

Descriptions just can't do it justice. Experience this revolutionary format for yourself!

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