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Fresh Look Bible

2023 Year Calendar Medium

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Start Day
Emphasis Day
  • A full view wall calendar of the year 2023 with the ideal visual relationship between Days, Weeks, Months, Quarters, and Years.
  • Traditional calendars separate months to the sacrifice of the weekly flow of ministry and business. Plan the details and the big picture in context with Fresh Look Calendars!
  • Avoid the time consuming and messy task of writing in your own days with a Fresh Look Calendar.
  • Configure to your specifications. Choose your
    • Start Day
    • Emphasis Day
    • Month Accent Color
  • If you don't find a pre-designed calendar that fits your needs, contact us and we can design and print a customized one for you. 
  • Printed on polypropylene paper and laminated for mark up and erase.
  • Total size is approximately 32" x 72".
  • Boxes average 2 inches tall by 2.25 inches wide.
  • Comes in tile sections by quarters each measuring approximately 18" x 32".