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Fresh Look Bible

New Testament Book Set in 9 Volumes Study

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* This set is on backorder until September 2023. Orders placed now will be fulfilled in the next printing which is due in September 2023.

A Fresh Look at the New Testament in paperback book form in 9 volumes for personal focus or economical group study. 

Study: color coded text, color outline bars, optimized for in depth study

Study has color coded words that help you quickly find people, places, names of God, times, numbers and much more as you study. Study also has color coded outline bars that keep you in context with the natural, literary outline of the book.

A Fresh Look at Matthew
A Fresh Look at Mark
A Fresh Look at Luke
A Fresh Look at John
A Fresh Look at Acts
A Fresh Look at the Pauline Epistles Vol 1
A Fresh Look at the Pauline Epistles Vol 2
A Fresh Look at the General Epistles
A Fresh Look at Revelation

6.25" x 9" Extra smooth paper. Laminated covers.


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