Fresh Look Dialogue

Most of us learn visually. The way we see the words of scripture greatly affects how we understand, teach, and live the word of God. 

Fresh Look Bible is a tool that lays out every word of the scriptures in a way that makes it easy to understand at every level.  From the big picture macroscopic view down to the most detailed microscopic view, Fresh Look Bible lays out each passage and book in a way that you can see for yourself the beauty and structure of the Bible. 

Here are examples of how Fresh Look Bible text is formatted.





Dialogue & Discourse

Divine Speech

Conditional Law

Check out Poetry

Poetry is not just confined to the Poetic Books. Songs, riddles, and poetic prayers are found throughout the Bible. The majority of Prophetic books are made up of poetry.

Fresh Look Formatting gives the ultimate precision of layout and dynamic spacing to compare line by line, couplet, triplet, stanza etc.

Fresh Look Poetry