Fresh Look Poetry

Poetry is found in around 25% of the verses in the Bible! Bible poetry is a rhyming of ideas, not sounds. Lines have to be compared for parallels and contrasts. 

We have paid special attention to the layout of every line, couplet, triplet, stanza etc. Dynamic contextual spacing means there's more space at each level of analysis.

Special types of proverbs are formatted to showcase their natural identity. 

Acrostic poems show the Acrostics and their structure. 

Choruses and refrains pop to show repeated patterns.

Lines line up and are never cut off awkwardly.


Here are a few examples of how Fresh Look Bible Poetry is formatted.





General Poetry

Acrostic Poetry

Chorus / Refrain

Check out Letters

You'd be surprised how much of the Bible is made up of of letters, decrees, memos, and other written documents. Fresh Look Formatting makes it easy to see the structure.

Fresh Look Letters