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Fresh Look Bible

Fresh Look Outreach Map [Design]

Regular price $275.00 USD
Regular price $450.00 USD Sale price $275.00 USD
Design Type

Begin with a free consultation to determine the vision and scope of your project. Contact Joshua Smith. 

This is the base design cost for a customized Fresh Look Outreach Map.

If your project is the common map style with satellite imagery and grids, with Church logo and slogans either inside the map or above in a banner area, then it is considered STANDARD. (Example below)

If your project involves an additional overview kind of map inside or to the side, then it is considered a STANDARD PLUS(Example below)

The Cost to print will be additional after final approval of design and will depend on the final size. 

Optional Grid Pages PDF will be available for a separate cost.

To see some other designs and use Augmented Reality (AR) to see a map on your own wall, visit the Outreach Map Gallery below.