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Outreach Maps

Fresh Look Outreach Map [Print]

Regular price $150.00 USD
Regular price $250.00 USD Sale price $150.00 USD

Start with a free consultation. Your custom designed outreach map print price could be different than this due to size and other variables.

These are the standard prices for the print and lamination of the final custom designed map. Your price will be determined by the dimensions of your map. When a height or width dimension is exceeded, the price point goes to the next category. Example: A final map size of 66" x 84" would be considered Large because it is more than 5' tall.

The maps are printed in our own print shop on a high quality, tear resistant, polypropylene substrate and laminated with a matte finish to reduce/eliminate glare, prevent fading, and allow for marking up and erasing. Other finishes are available that could affect pricing. (Self Adhesive Vinyl, Foam Core etc.]

The map is printed in vertical tile sections to make it easier to ship and hang. The widths of the sections are normally 40 to 50 inches depending on the size of the map.

After printing, the map is rolled up, wrapped in plastic, placed in a tube, and shipped.

Don't forget the optional Grid Pages

Shipping is based on weight and shipping address.