Bible Text Formatting

Most of us learn visually. The way we see the words of scripture greatly affects how we understand, teach, and live the word of God. 

The Bible is so much more than chunky blocks of text or scattered disconnected verses. It is a treasure trove of literary genres. Most of the Bible is narrative story, but that includes heavy dialogue, many lists, genealogies, building codes, civil and ceremonial law, health codes, letters, poetry, and so much more. It should not all look the same. The Look of the text should match its content and reflect its beauty and structure.

Fresh Look Bible is a tool that lays out every word of the scriptures in a way that makes it easy to understand at every level. 

Here are examples of how Fresh Look Bible text is formatted.





Simple Narrative

Major Lists

Complex Lists

Dialogue & Discourse

Divine Speech

Conditional Law

General Poetry



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