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Fresh Look Bible

Joshua Panorama Laminated

Regular price $69.99 USD
Regular price $34.99 USD Sale price $69.99 USD
  • A printed graphic of every word of the entire book of Joshua (KJV) displayed beautifully in its natural context.
  • Special formatting and color codes help you see the big picture and smallest detail. 
  • See the book break into its four natural parts. Benefit from the special formatting for dialogue and divine speech. Finally experience the dividing of the inheritance section without boredom or confusion.
  • Quality
    • Way better than a typical poster!
    • Printed on material used for trade show graphics!
    • Polypropylene paper means
      • Water resistant
      • Tear resistant
      • Lightweight
      • Flexible
    • Latex ink means it is fade resistant!
  • Total Dimensions measures approx. 42" x 47"

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